going strong for over 30 years!

Jon Kinsey
Jon Kinsey - Mogollon

Jon was born and raised in Sunny Southern California. He started playing drums when he was 6 years old. Jon played in the "High School" marching band and started his first professional gig when he was 16. At 16, Jon was playing with a club band and he's been playing professionally ever since.
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Jon played up and down the west coast from Alaska to San Diego, and as far away as Greenland. He made his home in Mesa, AZ in 1993. Moving to Arizona, Jon played in local bands and started with Mogollon in 2002. Five years later (it took a little longer than he thought) he is now with Mogollon.

On band days off, Jon works for Slider Right Inc where he installs pool barriers to help keep children safe and bring pools up to code... "Watch your kids around water!!!" After long days... Jon likes to be at home or teaching youngsters and others to play the drums. "I like to teach drums, so if there are any future "Primitive Bashers of Trees" out there, come see me or send me an e-mail."

The love of Jon's life is his daughter Coralee and she has the music in her blood like her daddy, Jon. Coralee loves to sing with the band and even dabbles a little bit on the drums.

Jon is also looking forward to getting back to his favorite past time, riding a Harley and going to every location in town for the best pool table! "Ahh, how things have changed, I wouldn't trade it for anything."

Jon's life is getting better... "I couldn't ask for a better lady to enjoy and a group of guys to play with (Mogollon) and I look forward to many years of success... See ya at the shows!"

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