going strong for over 30 years!

Duane Moore
Duane Moore - Mogollon

My name is Garland Duane Moore. I am one of the founding members of Mogollon Band and have been playing music for over 35 years. I am a song writer and sing lead vocals, acoustic guitar and on occasion, the pick the banjo. I’ve also been known to shred a tune or two on my blue fiddle!
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The band was formed in 1979 in the small town of Overgaard, AZ on the Mogollon Rim. There were 6 members of the band at this time. Back then playing in the band was a way to offset the boredom of a small town. Our parents liked that it kept us out of trouble. We liked that the girls were impressed with our skills and small-town celebrity status.

In the beginning our parents influenced to country side of our band introducing us to the sounds Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, George Strait, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. We also learned to play the rock and roll tunes that we regularly listened to: Creedance Clearwater Revivial, ZZ Top and Lynard Skynard to name a few.

I often get questions about what I’m thinking when I’m on stage. I really focus on how the crowd is reacting to what we are playing and always strive to deliver a great performance. I feed off the energy of our fans. Life’s too short to play to a dull crowd, so you can bet that I’ll be giving all I have on stage night after night to get the crowd rocking.

One of my favorite things about playing with Mogollon Band is that it feels like playing with a band of brothers. We’re just a group of good ol’ boys making noise and loving what we do. Over the years Mogollon Band has been blessed to travel to many unique and wonderful places. I am grateful that we can continue to perform for great audiences and play at venues that treat us well.

When I’m not on stage, I cherish spending time with Lisa, my son Tyler and daughter Taylor. I enjoy fishing, hunting and camping, working around the house and garden, and visiting with friends. I also like to think of myself as pretty good BBQ chef. Regular encore meals include smoked ribs, carne asada and grilled asparagus.

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