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Bryan Kuban
Bryan Kuban - Mogollon

Bryan grew up in the 70's playing the bass in grade school band. Inspired by a variety of musical styles and genres, Bryan's passion for the study of music had become the driving force in his life. After high school Bryan auditioned and was accepted into Young American Showcase. Y.A.S. Was a touring evangelical music group that performed assembly shows dedicated to an anti drug message throughout High Schools and grade schools in The US and Canada. It was in Y.A.S. where Bryan learned very powerful entertainment concepts via the mentorship of Lowell Lytle and his staff.
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In 1987 Bryan joined Daniel Consiglio and Luke Street. Daniel had a profound influence on Bryan's understanding of music. 2 albums later and a chance to sit behind the sound console as engineer on Luke Street's " Lines of the World" record, It was clear the another road was developing in Bryan's musical career.

In the late 80's Bryan became the house edit audio engineer for North American Liturgical Resources. Bryan's relationship with N.A.L.R. Included playing bass on many of their recordings as well as editing audio compilations and working in there audio duplication factory. The late 80's and 90's were filled with numerous projects as a musician and sound Engineer/ Producer. * Modern Lore * Tripping With Grace * Instant Karma * the "Tim and Willie all Earl Band" * Haywire Band * the "Charlie Mannino Band" * Played bass on Grammy nominated "Amanacer" Pedro Rubicava * played bass on 100's of studio recordings with many fantastic artists including: Daniel Consiglio, Chris Muglia, Craig Colson, Ann Weiss, Simona Donaldson, Yvonne Pastore, and many more.

As the Millennium rolled over, Bryan was very busy recording and producing recordings for many fantastic artists. * Mogollon * Jonnie and Brookie Allen * Lunch Box Super Heroes * Adam Stein * Craig Colson * George Gonzales * Jeff West * Simona Donaldson * and more

By 2010 Bryan had become more than an audio engineer/ producer / musician. Bryan now uses all of his 30 years of music business experience to mentor and guide artists. Through his mentoring his goal is to help young artists to reach their goals and avoid roadblocks and disappointments. Bryan's most recent artists include: * Ashley Wineland (co- writer of Red White and Blue) dedication to the troops with 45,000 plus views on you tube. * Jonnie and Brookie Allen (Winners of Radio Disney's "the next big thing") * Courtney Cotter King (Fervor Records Recording Artist) * Buskin Cuff's ( featured performers at Alice Coopers "Christmas Pudding" 2011) * Mikki Daniel (Wrangler Award for 2013 " I Just Gotta Be a Cowgirl" * Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers (WMA for song of the year 2013 "Don Edwards for President"

Currently Bryan plays in the "Mogollon" Band and co manages Ashley Wineland Music.

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